Black Friday Week 2023 Espresso and Coffee Machines

Black Friday Week 2023 Espresso and Coffee Machines

Black Friday week 2023 is already upon us, and I plan to update this page with the best deals for your coffee and espresso machine needs. Feel free to refer back to this page for updates, as I will be adding more as the deals are revealed!

Delonghi Espresso Machines

Hello and welcome to this post. My name is Tom from Tom’s Coffee Corner, and today I want to talk about a Black Friday Cyber Monday deal week in the realm of espresso and coffee machines. So I got my laptop here, and I just want to go over a few of what I think are the good deals and maybe talk about what’s maybe not a good deal.

If we just take a look at Amazon, for example, that’s where you find it. And, just a side note here, Black Friday used to just be the Friday after Thanksgiving, and then it started seeping into Thanksgiving evening, and they added Cyber Monday, and now they made a whole week out of it. So they’ve had deals already for a few days now, and it’s going to go until the end of the week. So you’ve got a lot of time to do some research, make a decision, and get yourself hopefully a good deal on a cool coffee machine.

Anyway, if we take a look here on Amazon, if I put in “DeLonghi espresso machine” in there, what I see is that they’ve got the La Specialista, the newer model, the 9255. They’ve got that for a nice Black Friday deal. That’s a fair amount off. That’s the one that does the cold brew drinks, so that’s something to consider.

Secondly, another really nice deal, in my opinion, if you’re looking for a super automatic, they’ve got the Magnifica Evo. I recently did a video on that one. It is, for me, my favorite super automatic currently in that price range for sure, and they’ve got a nice deal going on that this week. So I would consider checking those two out if you’re in the market.

They’ve also got the DeLonghi Stilosa, their cheapest espresso machine that’s on sale. It’s a little bit off. It’s not a huge deal in my opinion. And then they’ve got the ECP 3420, which is my go-to budget model that I like to recommend to people. That one’s on a slight deal as well. But the main deals here, I think, are the La Specialista Arte cold brew and the Magnifica Evo. If you want to spend a little more money, they’ve also got the Dinamica super automatic espresso coffee machine on sale as well for Black Friday.

Philips Superautomatics

Now, if we move on, there are some other cool deals to be found. If you just take a look, for example, at Phillips coffee machine, they’ve got all their super automatics on sale—the 2200, the 3200, the 4300. They’re all on great deals for sales right now, some of the best that I’ve seen. So if you prefer the looks of the Phillips over the DeLonghi, the Phillips, I think, also includes a light, which is pretty neat. So you can see the extraction. That’s interesting if you would prefer the Phillips. They’ve got those also for some real nice prices, starting quite low for the 2200. Yeah, so check that out as well.

Coffee Grinders 2023

And now if we look for espresso grinders, let’s have a look there. What have we got for espresso grinders on sale? Oh, the Fellow Opus, that is on a good sale right now. Oh yeah, you guys should check out that Fellow Opus. Nice deal right now, real nice. Anything else on sale? Some no-name ones here. The Fellow Opus, that’s for sure what I would go for. Let’s just see if they’ve got perhaps the Baratza Encore ESP on sale because that’s a nice one. And they do not. The ESP is currently not on sale. Doesn’t mean it won’t be later in the week, but it’s not on sale right now. The Fellow, okay. The Fellow products, the Gen 2 O is also on sale right now. So those are nice deals. Oh, the King Grinder. Nice one. If you’re looking for a nice hand grinder, the King Grinder K6 is on sale. Yeah, looks like they got your choice. Oh, even 1Z Presso. 1Z Presso K Ultra is on sale. Black Friday deal. So looks like they got all kinds of hand grinders on sale right now. So that is nice.


Kingrinder K6

Timemore C3 Pro