Turin DF83 Espresso Grinder Review


Oktober 16, 2022

Turin DF83 83mm Espresso Grinder

There is something intriguing about using 83mm burrs for the first time. They grind way faster than 55mm burrs of course, and they should provide more homogeneity in the grind distribution. I have recently got my hands on the highly anticipated DF83 from Turin, and this page will report my findings. The DF83 is the larger brother to the very successful DF64 and range of single dose grinders.

Keep checking back, as I augment the page, based ob subsequent use of the grinder.

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The Looks of the DF83

The Turin DF83 is a very heavy grinder, weighing in at 10.8 kg. It is a stately grinder, with a slight forward tilt, to help with lowering the retention. In my humble opinion, the forward lean, the silky smooth coating, and the always illuminated button on the side make for a handsome grinder. It comes standard with a nice silicone bellows and a very nicely created wooden lid, which adds a nice design contrast to the otherwise matte black finish. I think it looks good both with the bellows, and also with the bean hopper that it comes with.

Some people do not like the looks of the cable coming out of the side, but I am neutral to cord placement. I think it works just fine, and I do not think it makes or breaks the looks of the grinder.

What does the DF83 come with?

In the heavily padded box are a few nice items, including the bellows, grounds catching cup, RDT sprayer, brush, and manual. Additionally, the DF83 comes with a standard bean hopper, which I really appreciate! This way, once the grinder is dialed in, you can use it not just for single dosing, but also for multiple extractions in a row. The DF83 also comes with extra silicon parts as replacement items for the portafilter holder, and for the upper burr casing within the grinder.


This grinder comes in weighing 10.8 kg, and is 38cm tall, 25 cm deep, and 14 cm wide. It has a 550 watt motor, and can be purchased for both 110 Volt and 220 Volt systems.

WAF – Wife Acceptance Factor (Grinding noise)

The DF takes up some prominent real estate on our counter top. Therefore, W.A.F. or P.A.F. (partner acceptance factor) is important. In our case, this grinder gets the stamp of approval from the misses, for its good looks. She did remark however, on the noise level on the DF83, which is higher than that of the Eureka Specialita. No wonder, since the Specialita is dampened, while this grinder is not. Nevertheless, grinding only takes 3-4 seconds per dose, so the noise is short lived.

How does the DF83 grind?

The DF83 so far has been a pleasure to use. It grinds nice and fluffy, with a good homogenous particle distribution. It is easy to adjust with the collar on top, since it only requires about 270 degrees of a turn to go from espresso to pour over. The dial seems to be made out of glass, making it feel really premium. With the 83mm burrs, this grinder completes its job very quickly, and with the included bellows, the retention should be low. I found 0.6 grams of initial retention, but I think that was due to the burrs being brand new and particles getting in between the teeth. I expect 0.1 to 0.2 grams of retention from here on out.


Curious to see further details? Just click on the youtube video below!

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