Delonghi Dedica EC685 Review

Man with Delonghi EC685 home espresso machine

The Delonghi Dedica has been a best seller since the original Delonghi Dedica EC680. Since then, the line has expanded to the EC685 “Style”, EC785 and EC885 “Arte”. In this post, we will look at the benefits of this powerful little machine. In particular, with just a few modifications, this can produce some excellent espresso and milk foam, for a bargain price!

Features of the Dedica series (EC680, EC685, EC885)

Part of what makes the Dedica so successful are the features it offers, in a small package, and at a great price. Let’s list these features and talk about them:

  • Small footprint

  • Fast heat up time

  • Excellent price

  • Great modability

  • Volumetric programming for the perfect shot

Advantage: Size

To begin with, this little machine has an extremely small footprint, adding to its PAF, or “partner acceptance factor”. It is only 6 inches wide, and It comes in weighing just under 5kg, so it is also easily portable. In fact, we often take this little machine with us on vacation, since it packs up so compactly. It can sit on just about any countertop, and the water tank is easily removable, for refilling.

Advantage: Speed

Additionally, it is extremely fast in heating up, clocking in at 30 seconds until brew ready. It is recommended to run 1-2 empty shots first, to make sure the lines and brew group are warmed up as well. But it’s great that you don’t have to wait 5-15 minutes for this machine to warm up, like you do with many other boiler type espresso machines.

This of course does come with a caveat. The Dedica, and really all thermoblock machines in this price range do not heat the brew group or portafilter, which is kind of a bummer. The ECP 3420 on the other hand, does heat the brew group, since the boiler sits right on top of it.

Advantage: Modifications

On of the main advantages of the Dedica is honestly in its popularity. Because it is such a good seller worldwide, there are Facebook and other forums dedicated to it, to help out new users in getting the most out of their machines. These forums also dive into mods for the Dedica, such as dimmer mods, manometer mods, etc. You might consider changing out the steam wand, for example.

Additionally, since the Dedica can be found in most markets, there are many 3rd party manufacturers for it. Just see Normcore, Neouza or Capfei for additional accessories.

What are the best Delonghi Accessories?

The Delonghi Dedica is already good out of the box, at least with pre-ground espresso. But if you really want to get the best out of it, I suggest at a minimum, upgrading the basket to an IMS one. These are precision made baskets, made in Italy, and allow for a traditional, non-pressurized extraction. Just know that you will also need a decent grinder for this extraction method, too.

Besides a nice IMS basket, you may also want a Normcore or other bottomless portafilter, so that you can see how your extractions are looking. A good tamper is also helpful, to make sure your puck is compacted correctly and is not cock-eyed. The options for iKape or Normcore do a good job at keeping the puck level. Finally, a nice magnetic funnel is convenient as well, for making sure you don’t make a mess when grinding into your portafilter, or doing WDT.

Normcore Bottomless Portafilter for espresso

Normcore Bottomless

IMS 51mm espresso basket, H26 mm in height

IMS Basket H26

51mm tamper from iKape

51mm Tamper

Normcore 51mm magnetic funnel

51mm Funnel

Advantage: Automated Features

Next, the volumetric dosing is a real plus for me. Just hold down the button until you get your desired amount in the cup, and from then on, your volumetric dose is set. This can be done for the 1 and 2 cup buttons. This is a feature normally reserved for much more expensive machines. This volumetric amount is held in memory by the way, even if the machine is unplugged.

On top of that, the Dedica also reminds you of when to descale, as well as when to cool down the boiler after steaming. These are two nice indicators to help users operate their machines better.

The prices on the Dedica range a lot, depending on your geographic location. In Europe, it can be had for right around €150, which is an absolute steal. In North America, the price hovers right around $250-300. I attribute this to a larger market in Europe for espresso machines and higher competition, thus bringing the price down in the Euro Zone.

Orange button: “Descale me”

Dual white blinking lights: “cool me down!”


While the Dedica offers many advantages for the money, it is missing a 3 way solenoid valve to release pressure on the puck. However, this does allow for better puck knock outs. As well, some users complain of the temperature not being hot enough. Nevertheless, there is a “steam mode hack” to combat this.

Additionally, this machine is not meant to make back to back to back drinks. If you are entertaining a group of people, a small single thermoblock machine like the Dedica will quickly be overwhelmed, since you need to heat up to steam temperature, and back down to espresso temperature between making cappuccinos. This is however a woe that every single boiler machine faces.


With a little practice, the Dedica can make quite good espresso, and very nice milk foam. But like with anything else, it will require a little time and effort to get it just right. I find that medium to dark roast beans are the easiest to work with, and if you can find beans with 20% robusta added in, that will help to get more crema, too. Just make sure you are using freshly roasted beans (less than 2 months off of roast date), and good soft water, and you’ll be getting some tasty espresso!

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