Graef CM 702 Coffee Grinder

Adding shim washers to the Graef CM702

Introducing the CM 702 and CM 800

The Graef CM 702 and CM 800 grinders have long been my favorite recommendation for the new barista in Europe, when looking for an affordable coffee and espresso grinder. They offer a lot of bang for your buck, they are easy to disassemble for cleaning, and even come with shimming washers to adjust the grind finer. Considering that they come from a reputable German company, it’s really the cheapest grinder I can start recommending. Too bad these aren’t available on the American market.


The CM 702 and it’s larger brother the CM 800 are both conical burr grinders. The CM 702 comes in weighing 1.835 kg, so it is on the lighter side. It has a 250 gram bean hopper, 24 grinding settings, and a 128 watt motor. The CM 800 comes with an on/off/auto switch, and can be switched on either by engaging the portafilter button, or by simply switching the unit on. The CM 702 on the other hand requires one to hold the portafilter button engaged.

 CM 702CM 800
Grind settings2440
Burr Set38mm conical38mm conical
Bean Hopper250 gram350 gram
Weight1.83 kg2.63 kg
Dimensions260 x 150 x 375 mm397 x 135 x 230 mm
OperationPush button

On/Off switch


Graef CM 702 espresso grinder

Graef CM 702 Grinder

Graef CM 800 espresso grinder

Graef CM 800 Grinder

Pros & Cons

This grinder does allow the new home barista to start grinding fresh, due to its low price, compared to more expensive models. It is also relatively quick to grind, and will fit nicely on most countertops. Most important of course is the espresso or coffee result. With the addition of the shimming washers, it can grind fine enough for espresso, as demonstrated in the video below.

So what about the downsides? Well, this grinder is extremely light, so two hand operation will be necessary. Also, it lacks a declumper, which means that the grounds will need to be declumped via WDT for example. This is a common occurrence with all economical grinders, in my experience. Nevertheless, it does provide good value for the starting home barista. It’s the only sub €100 grinder that I can recommend.


  • Very affordable grinder from a German company (it is made in China though)
  • Includes shimming washers
  • Stainless steel burrs
  • Sleek form
  • Comes with a grounds catch tray


  • Very light, and slides easily
  • Grinds can be clumpy
  • Stepped grinder, so limited to steps

Grind Finer Hack

In order to grind finer, one just has to install the included shims (washers). This will raise up the lower burr, to create less space between the lower and upper burr. Sometimes, you may have to install 2-3 of the shimming washers, in order to grind fine enough for proper espresso. See the video below on how to do so:

YouTube Demo of the Graef with Shimming Washers

Find your Graef Grinder below

Graef CM 702 espresso grinder

Graef CM 702 Grinder

Graef CM 800 espresso grinder

Graef CM 800 Grinder