Delonghi Dedica – EC680, EC685, EC785, EC885 – What’s the Difference?


April 5, 2023

Delonghi has hit an absolute home-run, when it comes to the Dedica line of home espresso machines! No wonder, that they would like to diversify the line, and add some new features as time goes on. The EC680 model was released back in 2013, already 10 years ago! Since then, Delonghi has added different color options, upgraded steam wands, and some accessories as well.

The Machine that started it all – Dedica EC680

The EC680 is the very first Dedica model, and is even still a great seller on the American market. The EC680 boasts fast warm up times, good looks, minimal footprint, and great espresso – not to mention a small ticket price. These features are likely the main reason that the Dedica line has enjoyed so much success. Heat up time is about 30 seconds from a cold start, and this machine makes good espresso, and can steam fairly well with the panarello. Even so, I do prefer to remove the panarello and steam with just the rubber nozzle.

5 years after the release of the EC680 came the EC685. The main difference here is a „Dedica“ branded drip tray, and a little drip tray underneath the main drip tray. Also, the steam wand panarello was updated to include two settings for either ‚hot milk‘ or cappuccino. Additionally, the rubber nozzle under the panarello was elongated, making it easier to steam without the panarello, since you can get the nozzle down deeper into the milk.

The EC680 and EC685 come in stainless steel, red, white, and black colors.

Common Dedica Questions

Since the Dedica is so popular, let’s answer some questions, shall we?

Q: What size is the basket, portafilter, and tamper?

A: 51mm

Q: Where is the Dedica made?

A: The Delonghi Dedica is designed in Italy, however made in China

Q: Can the Dedica use pods?

A: Yes, the Dedica comes with filter baskets for pods, as well as single and double baskets for ground coffee.

Q: How and when to descale?

A: The Dedica will flash the steam button orange, when it is time to descale. This is just based on the number of uses – there is no limescale detector. No matter what, make sure to descale at least every 1-2 months, to ensure proper operation of your machine. It’s important!

The Next Generation – EC785

The EC785 is a model kind of in between the EC685 and EC885. It includes the newer panarello, but also is offered in different colors – beige, pink, and gray.

It also comes delivered with accessories: a nice metal-footed tamper and a milk steaming pitcher. So, it’s kind of a bundle, to get started easier as a home barista. The colors are also quite nice. As far as I know, these were just released on the European market.

The Current Generation – EC885

In my opinon, the best release so far has been the EC885. This model was first released in Australia and North America as test markets, in 2021. It finally rolled out to Europe in 2022, and I am glad it did. The EC885 offers essentially the same features as the EC785, as well as the accessories.

The big difference here is the proper steam wand! This is the same steam wand as used on their La Specialista line of espresso machines, and it steams WAY better than the panarellos of the previous generations, in my experience. ALSO, the new panarello is a ’non-burn‘ steam wand, which means that it will not burn your hand while using it.

So far, this model only comes in stainless steel.

Basic vs Advanced Mode

While the Dedica is good in its stock, basic form, this machine really shines in advanced mode: with a proper basket and ideally bottomless portafiler, and with the panarello removed. Check out the video below for how to convert to, and use this machine in advanced mode. After doing so, you will achieve really silky, well rounded espresso, and creamy, luscious milk foam. It is really a treat, once you get the hang of it!


The Delonghi Dedica line provides very good espresso and milk foam, at a low price point. The small footprint, ease of use, and good looks also scores points. Whether you go for the original model, or an updated one, they all use the same thermoblock, brew group, volumetric dosing, and therefore all provide some very good espresso. You really cannot go wrong with any model. That being said, if you are buying for the first time, I would recommend going for the EC885.